Hi, I'm Jack

Hi, my name is Jack! I'm a senior at UMass Amherst majoring in Computer Science. I'm passionate about Software Engineering; my interest is in web technology and the process of creating a fluent product for the end user.

In my free time, I love watching basketball (go Celtics), making hip hop beats, and reading books (see my blog)!

Tech Interests

I'm largely interested in building cool stuff.

Preferred technologies include:

  • React* + Typescript for Client-Side Apps
  • Golang* or Typescript for Server-side Tech
  • Python whenever I don't know what else to use

*Still in the process of learning Go*

*I also like Svelte. But React is good*

More Stuff

CS @ UMass Amherst '23

Salesforce SWE Intern '22

HubSpot SWE Co-op '21

Nuance SWE Intern '21

Me at the Golden Gate Bridge

*Me at the Golden Gate Bridge*